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"How have we managed to prosper over all these years?"
We've succeeded because we place customer satisfaction first, providing complete and thorough service 
with integrity. We pride ourselves in knowing our customers, and their needs, and delivering on our promises. 
With our hands-on approach to managing property, you can be assured that you will receive the care and 
attention you deserve, whether you want to rent an apartment, or have your apartments managed for you.
We guarantee:
-Quality, affordable housing
-Clean and safe buildings and units
-Daily onsite maintenance and management
-For Renters: Fair rental policies and quick attention to issues and concerns
-For Owners: Full service management – financial and physical – with immediate response 
  to your property investment needs
Company History
H. & Val J. Rothschild, Inc. was founded in St. Paul in 1885 by two brothers, Henry and Val J. Rothschild, to deal in the sale of real estate in the rapidly growing city. The city matured, and by 1930 they had expanded into the fields of multi-family housing and mortgage financing. In 1934 Ryland J. Rothschild, who had joined the company in 1922, succeeded his father (Val J.) and became its president. Further growth occurred after World War II, as institutional investors -- large financial institutions and insurance companies -- showed renewed interest in income property loans.

Several mergers with successful firms were accomplished during the 1960's and '70s, including Rothschild's acquisition of General Mortgage Corporation of Iowa in 1971. By this time the company was headed by Kennon V. Rothchild Jr., a grandson of Val, who purchased all stock in the company from his uncle Ryland in August of 1964.

In April of 1987, H. & Val J. Rothschild, Inc. and Rothschild Financial Corporation were purchased by Metropolitan Financial Corporation, a North Dakota-based thrift holding company. In November of 1989, H. & Val J. Rothschild, Inc. dissolved its relationship with Metropolitan Financial Corporation in order to manage propeties with Kennon V. Rothchild serving as Chief Executive Officer. 
In 2004, Kennon V. Rothchild III, great-grandson of Val J. Rothschild, joined the Company as Chief Operating Officer.